Tropical Plant Care

Care for tropical plants will vary with different varieties, however, in general, most prefer the same care, as to closely resemble their natural surroundings.

Unless otherwise noted, or known, most tropical plants will prefer bright, filtered, or diffused light.  This can be accomplished simply with a sheer or a curtain in front of a sunny window. Some plants can easily tolerate direct sun, but you want to introduce your plant to full sun gradually to prevent any shock or leaf burn.

Keep the soil moist, but not soggy, and water it regularly, when it is dry to the touch.  In most cases, a regular, weekly watering is best. Set your plant on a saucer or dish to protect your furniture from any excess water drainage.

Monthly fertilizing is always a good idea.  A well balanced, general fertilizer, like our Houseplant Special Fertilizer is a great choice, and can be used on just about every potted plant in your home!