African Violet Care

African Violets cannot tolerate direct, beating sun, as the leaves will burn very quickly.  They will turn brown, wilt, become soft and die off.  Bright, filtered, indirect sunlight is the best environment for African Violets.  An East facing windowsill or table top is perfect, as African Violets enjoy the morning sun, but bright light, or shade, the rest of the day.  If an East facing window is not available, a North facing window is next best.  Avoid Southern or Western exposure, especially in the summer months (March – October) as the sun will be much too strong. 
We also recommend rotating, or spinning your African Violets once a week to promote even growth and prevent them from “leaning” toward the window.

African Violets’ leaves are very sensitive and should not be allowed to get or remain wet.  We recommend placing your African Violet’s pot in a saucer or plate, and water from the bottom, but adding water in to the saucer or plate instead of directly in to the soil.  Watering once a week or so, to keep your African Violets moist is best.  Be careful not to let your African Violet dry out completely, as it will wilt rather quickly.

If you feel the need or desire to “feed” your African Violets, we use and recommend Jack’s Classic African Violet 12-36-14 water soluble plant food. You can find it here, on our website!