Bromeliad Care

Bromeliads prefer bright, filtered sunlight.  Some varieties can benefit from direct sun, but you want to make sure that introduction to direct sunlight is gradual, to prevent the leaves from burning. On the opposite end, most varieties can also tolerate limited lower light levels, however, you will notice that some of the vibrant colors may fade with less light.

Keep the soil or medium mix moist, but never wet.  Water thoroughly when it is dry to the touch, allowing excess water to drain. Be sure to keep water in the foliage 'cup' and in the pockets of the leaves, but be careful to not allow this water to become stagnant.  
We find that spraying your Bromeliad with a spray bottle a couple times a week will keep water in the cup and pockets, but not enough that it stay around to become stagnant.

Place your Bromeliad in a moderate to warm room. Remember that these are tropical plants and can not tolerate cold temps.  Ideally, your Bromeliad would like temperatures of at least 55 degrees, but can tolerate short periods of time in the mid 40s without any serious issues.